Raw Milk

We are now taking applications for our Dairy Herd Share.
What is a Herd share?
A herd share is an agreement that provides an opportunity for you to own part of a cow, or part of a herd of cows. As a part owner, you enter into an agreement with a farmer and pay the farmer an agreed upon fee for boarding, feeding and milking the cows. Being a part owner of a cow, or herd of cows, gives you the legal right to a percentage of what the animal or herd of animals produce, meaning their milk, meat, etc.  

As owner of a Share, Owner shall be entitled to receive a percentage of the weekly milk production equal to Owner’s Percentage Interest in the Herd. This percentage is anticipated to be equal to 1 gallon of milk per week per share.

The purchase price is $75.00
The boarding fee is $43.50 per month.

Over the span of one year this means one share would cost you $11.48 each week.
 If you would like to begin the purchase process please  download and complete our. DSR Farms HS Agreement and Email it to [email protected] . We look forward to hearing from you soon.