NY Strip


We had a misunderstanding at one of the awesome butchers we use and in-turn some of our steaks from 2 steers were cut  and packaged incorrectly. 

These are the same great tasing Grass Finished NY Strips like we would normally sell, they are just cut smaller than we normally have them. 

They will still make great ‘’small’’ steaks but would be best used for beef tips or kabobs. 

These will be available on our website listed for $12/LB.

Our normal NY strips are $25/LB so this is a great opportunity to stock up and try something different. 


Because we have so many we are going to do bundles. You can order 1lb and we will get as close to 1lb as we can. It could be 2 steaks it could be 3 or 1. If you have any questions on this please let us know. 

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