Meat for a week

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Each box comes with:
Ground Chicken
Beef Italian Sausage
Boneless Skinless Breast
Whole Chicken
2 Cull Steaks
Below we will list some of our favorite and most popular recipes using these wonderful meats.
Whole Chicken; Great for Roasting in the oven with your favorite seasonings or making a large pot of chicken noodle soup
Boneless Skinless Breast; This week I plan on making some kind of bbq chicken.
Ground Chicken; I am going to make a Ground Chicken Taco Rice Bowl. 
Italian Sausage; I am going to remove the casing on these and use it in Spaghetti. 
2 Ugly Steaks; This weather is getting just right for Steak and Gravy but these are also great for marinating and making Fajitas or kabobs.


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