Community Supported Agriculture


“CSA” is short for Community Supported Agriculture and has become a popular way for community members to purchase local food directly from a farm. CSAs often come at a reduced, bulk price for consumers, and provide local, quality, highly nutritious food. The CSA model helps farmers by providing cash flow when most expenses are rolling in, and by guaranteeing a market for the food they grow, which helps reduce food waste in the production chain.

How does it work?
You are essentially paying ahead of time for things you love to purchase from us, and are recieveing a %savings and other perks for doing doing so.
You make your own selection each month from anything on our website with your $150 credit, and just select “cash” as payment option at checkout. This creates a digital receipt of what you spend from your credit balance each month.
Csa members also get first dibs on precious items that sometimes sell out like bacon, or certain steaks, ect.

3 months – $382.50  for $450 dollars worth of product.  15% savings 

6 months- $720 dollars for $900 dollars worth of product. 20% savings

12 months – $1350 dollars for $1800 dollars worth of product 25% savings.




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