DSR Farms started in 2015 by Jesse and Jessica Murphy. DSR stands for the first letter in each of our daughters name. Dallas, Shelby, and Raven. One of the main reasons we started this farms was so we could earn a living while being with our children everyday. Of course the great tasting meats, eggs, and veggies were a plus but as we evolved from a simple backyard hobby into a business we became more focused on regenerative farming and using holistic management  to replenish the soil that we depend on so much. 

We raise all of our animals outside in the fresh air and sunlight where they can roam and graze on fresh pastures. We feed a certified Non-GMO supplemental feed which also contains zero antibiotics, steroids or other drugs. 

Our cows are grass finished which simply means grass fed. We say grass finished because not all of our cows were born here on our farm. We feel it would simply not be honest to market them as 100% grass fed. We use holistic land management practices like intensive rotational grazing, moving the cows to fresh forage every day. In winter we feed hay that was grown right here on the land the cows live on. 

Our meat chickens start their life here in a warm cozy brooder that keeps them at just the right temperature  and safe from predators. After about 2 weeks they go out into the chicken tractors where they are rotated twice a day to fresh grass. In the past we processed and packaged all the birds here on the farm but starting in 2020 because we expanded so fast, we now have our birds processed at a USDA inspected processing facility called marble city meats located in Sylacauga, Alabama. This also allows us to have more chicken products like the chicken sausages that we couldn’t do here at scale. 

Our laying hens are Raised  up to 17 weeks old on a specialty farm in Pennsylvania. Once we pick them up it still takes a few weeks for them to start laying eggs but they get to enjoy grazing for grass and bugs as soon as we get them home. Their supplemental grain feed is also certified non gmo and contains no animal bi products and no food coloring or dye t0 change the yolk color.   

The pigs are also raised outside on pasture and in the woods. During the summer months they are even born outside if the weather is nice enough. During the winter we bring the sows into a barn stall where they can build a huge nest and keep those babies warm and dry. Sows and piglets are moved back outside once the piglets are about 2 weeks old. 

If you have any questions or would like to visit the farm please contact us. As we are a working farm it may take a day or so to get back to you or some weeks we just do not have time to host farm visits, but we will do our best to get you in! So please be patient with us.