So the Countdown begins.

Its just a starter list. There is a book worth of details and reasons with every item. Some of these things will have a list of their own But the one thing they almost all have in common is they cost all the money. This list represents around $25,000 that we have to spend to give the season a kick start. This doesn’t include commodity things that we use now like feed, or the turkeys, ducks and boilers that we will purchase to start the season. It also doesn’t include the butcher fees for the birds, pork, and beef that we will have to make before we get market season started. Every farmer around here probably has a list like this going right now.This is one reason its so important to keep purchasing from those local farmers during the winter months. One of our biggest challenges is generating enough sales in a 7 month window (market season) to cover a year round season of Bills and Expenses. On top of that, the capital needed for growth and expansion must also come from that small window sometimes saved up from multiple seasons and sometimes, it isn’t enough. This is why we post so much on social media, its why we send out all those emails and flyers. Its also why we are so happy to see every single customers in our farm store or order coming through the website email. The sales dollars generated in the beginning of the year are some of the most important of the whole year. Without the help from these dollars literally planting the seeds, there wouldn’t be any sales in the fall. Now that the holidays are over, we can’t wait to see your names pop up on the order emails.We hope you know that every single dollar you spend with farms like ours is greatly appreciated, especially this time of year.

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