Ending one, starting another.

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For several weeks now, I’ve been thinking about how to put some words together to describe 2018. Let’s face it, it was an entire year, much more than a blog post will be needed to accurately summarize 365 days of our life.

But I will try.

To start I will say that over the past year there were times that we never felt so good. Feelings of success, happiness, stability, motivation and optimism filled our hearts and minds. But there were also times of the extreme opposite. Feelings of failure, discouragement, hopelessness, anxiety, depression and exhaustion sometimes overwhelmed us and at times seemed never ending. But we made it. We kept going, we kept working and we made it. We ended our 4th season on a record high. Even with all the negative things that happened, and some that are still lingering, we had a very successful year. We doubled our sales from the previous year. We signed the contract to purchase more land which we will close on in February. We grew and expanded far beyond our expectations. We met many new friends and made countless new customers. We changed people’s hearts and minds about the food they eat, where they get it, and what they will pay for it. That is success. From a family standpoint, I hope that the memories we made will stay with us forever. The lessons Jessica and I learned and passed on to our children can’t be experienced anywhere else but on a farm. We worked our butts off this year, the sacrifices were large and great in numbers. The lessons learned were usually the hard way, but hey, those are the good ones, right? We were able to take a vacation and get some rest without worrying much about the farm. It was in good hands. (Thanks Elizabeth, DAD, and Uncle Jeremy). My goal for the next few months is to get the farm to a level of operation that will allow me to farm full time, meaning I won’t have to keep a full-time job elsewhere. That’s what I want, to farm full time. Not only because I love doing this but because I want to provide for my family from home, with my children. I can’t stand leaving my house going to work somewhere for 10 to 12 hours a day and being away from my kids. Not having to work somewhere else will allow me to do so many more things on the farm and be more efficient. Most of all it may allow be to sleep every now and then. Which is something I missed for most of the year. But hey, it was fun, right?
Going forward, I will try to blog weekly. Updating the farms successes and failures, the good ideas and the bad. There are already many big things in the works that should make this the best year yet. We have set goals and we have made plans and back up plans to achieve them. It wont always be fun or as glamorous as our social media may make it seem. But we are doing it together, and that’s what matters.

Until next time, busy farming.

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  1. Van & Carol Funderburk

    “doing it together and that’s what matters.” You are SO right about that, and we support you in every way we can! You are passionate about farming, you’re doing it the right way, working so hard – and you have a lovely family – so with continued support from your customers and a little good news from state, we hope 2019 will bring you much deserved success and some rest!

  2. Laurie Corson

    I’m so glad that you ended your year on such a positive note! My family loves your meats and milk and eggs. We are so grateful to purchase from you. I can feel at ease knowing I’m feeding my family with meats that arent full of genetic garbage. Thank you, thank you and we pray your family and business will be blessed all the more in this new year!

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