2018 Here we come!

We are super excited for the 2018 season. We have so many big things happening all so fast it is starting to get a little crazy already and the grass isn’t even green yet.

Some of the biggest news is we will have a brand new flock of 600 laying hens that will hopefully keep us from being sold out of eggs or at least  not sold out as often.  We wanted to make a change in the breed of layers we were using and also start fresh with a new flock that all the same age. This will help many things like laying consistent and uniform egg size.

We are now transitioning to breeding our own pigs. This will allow us to have better control of our piglet supply along with more consistency in the final products. We also must admit it is pretty awesome to have newborn piglets all over the place.

We have worked all winter long on trying to expand out rabbit and quail production to meet the demand for the season.

We are also currently expanding our Raw Milk production as quickly as we can. We have already purchased one jersey cow to add to the herd and are hoping to purchase another one by the time the farmers markets start for 2018.

We hope you all are staying warm and we cant wait to see ya soon.