A new appreciation for fresh milk.

As you may know a few weeks ago we purchased our very own milk cows and equipment to begin producing fresh, raw, cows milk. This past weekend our youngest jersey cow ‘’flossie’’ gave birth to a healthy bull calf and milk production began, ready or not, here we go. It took very little time for us to obtain a new appreciation for fresh milk. Things are going great. ‘’Flossie’’ and ourselves have learned a lot over the past few days and production is starting to smooth out. We will be taking applications for our Herd share program in the next week.

What is a Herd share?

A herd share is an agreement that provides an opportunity for you to own part of a cow, or part of a herd of cows. As a part owner, you enter into an agreement with a farmer and pay the farmer an agreed upon fee for boarding, feeding and milking the animals. Being a part owner of a cow, or herd of cows, gives you the legal right to a percentage of what the animal or herd of animals produce, meaning their milk, meat, etc.

We will send out emails to our mailing list members for the first opportunities to join our Herd share. If this is something you would like to join or know more about make sure to click the ‘’contact’’ button on our website and let us know.