Winter is coming.

To most farmers, the phrase ‘’winter is coming” brings a whole list of things to be done in order to keep animals safe, dry, warm, fed and watered during the cold months. Here in north Alabama our winters are not as extreme cold like many farmers must endure. Sure we have to keep water from freezing sometime and move animals more often because of the wet rainy conditions but for the most part, winter at DSR Farms isn’t much different than the summer months. Throughout the summer we attend 3 farmers markets each week along with other dinners and events. To say that we are busy would be a vast understatement. In years past we have looked forward to winter because even though the farm chores have to be done, the week just seems less chaotic. This year however, it seems we are only picking up speed. We have added lambs to our production, we are increasing rabbit and quail production again and we also purchased two Jersey milk cows. Right about the time the farmers markets shut down for the season we kickoff milking cows, twice a day, every day. We are also adding a farm store that should be delivered next week sometime. This store will give our customers a place to come and  purchase our products as well as products from other farmers and producers while the farmers markets are closed . To go along with our meats, eggs and milk products we plan on getting things like honey, produce, soaps, snacks, crafts and other items from producers we have become friends with throughout the market season. While all of this is going on we will be busy planning things for spring/summer of 2018. There is so  many things we want to do and produce but our main focus is always providing the highest quality, nutrient dense, best tasting food we can produce for you and your family. We place the highest value on customer satisfaction and feedback. After all, we couldn’t do any of this without you.

We are very excited about that the future holds for our little farm and we hope to see ya soon.