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“CSA” is short for Community Supported Agriculture and has become a popular way for community members to purchase local food directly from a farm. CSAs often come at a reduced, bulk price for consumers, and provide local, quality, highly nutritious food. The CSA model helps farmers by providing cash flow when most expenses are rolling in, and by guaranteeing a market for the food they grow, which helps reduce food waste in the production chain.

CSAs have always been a goal of ours. We are offering a one month “trial” CSA. Not only to help us learn how to do things, but to see if there is a demand from you our customers. We are coming into the early start of market seasons where expenses are high. Buying into this CSA will help us begin our season. 

Payments can be made 3 ways. 

Monthly – $232 savings of $68

Bi-Weekly – $270 savings of $30

Weekly – $285 savings of $15

If you choose Bi-Weekly you will have two payments of $135. You can pay the first at checkout and then we will send an invoice to your email for the second. 

Weekly will be 4 payments of $71.25. Pay the first payment at checkout and then pay an invoice for the next three weeks. 

You will get-

4 Dozen Eggs

4 Whole Chickens

4 Breakfast Sausage ( Mild, Hot)

4 Link Sausages (Italian, Bratwurst, Bratwurst w/ Cheese, Smoked, Andouille, Cajun, Irish Banger, Chorizo, Polish w/ Cheese)

4 Pork Chops

4 Rasher Bacon

1 pint of Honey from our friends over at Champion Farms

TBD item for the second delivery


*If you like something more than the other we can adjust to fit your needs.*




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