About DSR Farms

DSR Farms is a pasture-based sustainable farm in Danville, AL. We use holistic regenerative farming methods to better the health of our grass. This means that we carefully control the movements of multiple species of animals to produce the healthiest & tastiest animal as well as enriching the environment in which we live. Our farm is located on 18 acres of beautiful rolling pastures with a large wooded are right in the middle.
The Pigs:
Our Hereford pigs are free to root, dig, eat, and explore our pastures. They are fed a non-GMO feed that along with their natural diet of what they forage for produces well marbled, dark colored flavor packed meats that our customers love so much.

The Chickens:
Our broiler chickens (meat chickens) spend their adult lives outside and are free to roam the pastures looking for tasty treats. Our layer chickens also spend their days foraging around their portable home, the “egg mobile”, which follows the daily movements behind our cows and pigs.

The Rabbits:
We raise a large breed rabbit called New Zealand Whites and Flemish Giants. These breeds preform well in our climate and loves being moved around the pastures in our bottomless “rabbit tractors” which allows them to graze as rabbits naturally do. They are also offered supplemental feed which is Non Gmo as well.

The Lambs:

We are now supplying Fagerman Farms Lamb. Fagerman Farm focuses on quality hair sheep and providing the highest quality meat to the end consumer. 

The Milk Cows:
Our Jersey cows enjoy their days grazing on fresh grass and chewing cud in the shade. We have a very simple, stress free milking schedule that is very routine to the cows. We milk twice each day which keeps the girls comfortable and healthy. The milk produced on our farm is Raw, Unpasteurized and not processed.

Are you interested in getting Raw Milk?

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The Beef Cows:




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